about JK

Hi, my name is Jan and this page is only about me.

Since I am a german native speaker and my blogposts are mostly about what I think about topics I am interested in those will be in german since someone translates them.

So what are my topics? Well, things that happen around me in my professional life. So let me tell you a little bit more about why I am what I am today. I started studying sociology, journalism, economy and lawthings. So you can see, I am widely interested 😀 But that wasn't enough for my brain, so I started an education in audio engineering because that's what my heart and soul is all about: Music and especially PunkRock. I grew up in a small town right in the middle of Germany, where you always think about how to get out of.  So from the music side, I learned to play piano, clarinet, bass guitar and finally ended up with the electric guitar. Don't ask me about singing, I got thrown put of 5 bands after starting singing.

Professional Timeline

I have founded:

better marketing GmbH

and four more not to name 😉

You heard me speaking at:

and some more ...

My Teams and me worked for:

and many more ....

MyProfile through the web


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